Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Beltane

The flourishing is really over the top.  These photos, from a week ago, are from a 15-minute walk up and into the woods, to a napping place, and back to the car.  I was the dog in this scenario, pacing and leaping and crouching to get a better look at things, while the family rested on what is now officially our family's "napping log" - until Eliza declared it was time to go and hadn't I really gotten to see such an amazing array of things even on this short hike? And wasn't I satisfied? Oh, girl. Never.


Doesn't this dear little fern baby look wet and newly birthed?

Ack! Help the Mayapple!!

It is rather obsene to keep posting photos of ramps, but really, it is astounding how many there are this year. They are carpeting the forest floor!

Rose Trillium
Poison Ivy
This is the second year that Dan has taken the poison ivy pill, in an attempt to innoculate his body before exposure to a new crop of poison ivy.  It hasn't been truly tested this season (no woods golf yet), but hopefully it will help ward off the worst of it.

Stellaria - chickweed
My trail goal was nibbles - chickweed, ramps, violets.  My family's goal was obviously napping in the sun.
my family. napping.
pawpaw flower

Fire Pink

Ah, which brings us to today - May Day.  This is Ani's personal favorite holiday, being a May girl herself. It is a celebration of life, of creativity, of the joys of being alive and having bodies that do all sorts of amazing things.  Our day today was a bit rough, so I'm hoping we get to spend the coming week (leading up to someone's birthday) celebrating all of these things.  We did manage the candle-lit, flower-laden honey bath which is the highlight of the day...the neighbor kids were a bit confused as to why the girls were coming in out of the twilight so early, but the bath was a non-negotiable part of the day. Quiet and lovely, it was the best part...

...except that I got a short evening walk with this very handsome man. Sa-weet.

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Happy May Day!!!