Friday, July 10, 2015

lyle love

 My camera takes lousy indoor pictures, but I have about 50 of this very scene:

How could I not? The last night of our trip we camped in my cousin's back yard and soaked up as much of Baby Lyle as we could squeeze out when he wasn't nursing or nursing or nursing.  I, of course, met him in May, when he was a little wrinklier, but my family hadn't yet met him, and really, it might have been the thing that clinched our rather spontaneous trip to Maine. A night with Jessica, Ben, Calvin and Lyle? SOLD.

It proved a little tricky to wrench him from Ani's arms.  The babies. Holy cow.  We just spent the time appreciating his chubbs and his wee fingers, the sweet weight of him.

Eliza's lovin' up that Calvin back there
learns the pinkie trick!

The girls might have worried a little during the hours we were stuck in traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge (hours) that Jessica had changed now that she's a mom.  For the past thirteen years she has been Their Special Person (officially, their Fairy Godbelayer, if that could be a thing), crazy and funny and totally bonded to my kids. I think they were more than a little worried.  I assured them that she hadn't disappeared overnight, or even over nine months, and then we realized that these girls could be that person for this baby...Time. You and your bewitching ways.



merry said...

Oh yeah.

Anonymous said...

Oh my loves. Come back! All of you! I'm still me, I'm still here!

Kerry said...

Oh, how beautiful. Thank you for this Debbie. You captured some great moments! Jessica will never stop being the fairy god-belayer, and your children will always be precious to her.

Kerry said...

They will all grow into each others' hands...I just realized this.