Friday, October 9, 2015

a bit of normal

Yes, this is symbolic of how out-of-control the end of summer, beginning of fall can feel to me!! Overgrown with morning glories - beautiful and abundant and maybe a little overwhelming?  This post is just to remind my future me that we actually did not spend the whole month of September playing golf or driving back to Wisconsin.  There was some "normal".

"Mama, do toads get rabies? This one is awfully docile. It's letting me pet it."

do you have a surface? could we use it? ours are a bit full at the moment.

A day at the Pawpaw Festival
yes, that's my kid trying to hit bubbles with her shoe.
designed by nature to make you feel so happy
I mean, really!!! In "socialization" training for zoos. 

an early birthday fete for me with my family and friends
Reading about gastropods, we decided we needed some up-front experience, so we found this sweetie in our backyard.  Its name is Limax maximus and it is neither male nor female (it's both!), but it is very curious. 

Oops.  I lost my job as slug-keeper after this escapade.

Ani's handiwork.

She decided she wanted to make some mushrooms, and I got to keep them.  Look at the gorgeous earthstar!! Swoon.

(Yes, slugs and fungi in my kitchen. I might be a challenging sort of person to live with.)

Eliza came down with a couple of books to add to the little library, and I just love them. Community art project!

"...draw what's on your mind. Then either give it to someone or put it
someplace where someone will find it. When full, please put it in the little library..."

This is how we spent several days, watching them pour cement for a new sidewalk.

Dan and Ani and I got out for a hike on our last day together before heading back to Wisconsin.  We were richly rewarded for entering the woods...

the Miyazaki character of the fungus world
Wolf's-milk Slime
I am not a fungus! I am a slime mold!!! I look like bubble gum!!

Great Blue Lobelia
a sea of something, covering the path

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