Thursday, March 31, 2016


An ice-cream date outside, ramps in the woods, the dying of really must be moving on into spring, don't you think?  The calendar and the weather don't always agree, but when Ani looks outside and says "I can't believe the sky it so blue!" or "I can't believe it's raining again!" or "I can't believe how WINDY it is!", it confirms my suspicion that we are in agreement: it is March and it is Spring. Fickle, welcome Spring.

needle-felting a new buddy

An ear make-over. Totoro, meet Button.

sometimes you've just got to lie down. in the trail...

We tried the natural dyes this year - cabbage and onion skins - and they were so beautiful! There was something we didn't do quite right, as the color was wont to rub off in patches, but generally we were so happy with the sun-print look of the plant silhouettes and the deep rich colors. Of course, I had to buy pantyhose for the first time in at least a decade, but the spectre of them lurking in a drawer somewhere is perhaps a small price to pay for art.

oooh, I love this material! It's so smooth, I like the way it feels!
Honey, it's called nylon.


JessicaBliss said...

Oh I have missed your internet presence!

Those eggs are brilliant.

slim pickins said...

Thank you...I'm trying...!
And yes, aren't they cool?? I want to do so much more next year, but
the truth is that we just don't really eat that many hard-boiled eggs,
so we'd have to plan for a huge deviled-egg party or something.
Wait - isn't every party a deviled-egg party?

Tokarz said...

prettiest eggs ever!!!!!!!

alissa said...

Really pretty eggs. I saw that online somewhere earlier this spring and was going to forward it to you, but then I thought 'she'd have to go out and but nylons. What are the chances of that!' They turned out great.

merry said...

I love how those turned out!! Beautiful! How are they so shiny? Don't you ever eat egg salad? Love it!! Or potato salad? You're welcome!