Wednesday, April 27, 2016

the way things are going

Ani has announced that we need to change things up around here. Too much routine. (This, from the girl who wants to know the plan at all times.) So as we slip towards less structure for this season, I am engaging more of my observer and recorder skills. My journal has fewer "to do" lists this week and more "we dids".  Brownies, newborns, marbled paper...

E's sketchbook
International Street Fair

We still try to spend a couple of hours of the morning together, usually with some current events over breakfast, and then our read aloud (just finished The Shakespeare Stealer) and more reading of history or science, and a game or two.  This week it was the favorite subject-predicate-clause (really, we have to come up with a more titillating name, but I'm afraid it would be something like The sinister Grandma barfed on your tennis shoes and threatened to explode on the baker's doorstep).

Ani recording her favorites
This morning it looks like reading in bed - for all of us! - and a round of Bananagrams over breakfast - for all of us! - and then some time watching things on the computer with Eliza (Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! and a few outstanding performances from poetry slams) while Ani builds, tells stories and plays with the wee people she made out of sculpey.  Eliza has her last dance performance of the year this evening, and Ani and I have plans to watch a movie about bees.  Plenty to observe and record in this juicy season...

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merry said...

Can't wait to be a part of your new routine!