Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Dan asked me why my mom was coming during one of our craziest weeks of the spring - Ani's birthday, rehearsal and concert week for the women's choir I sing with, and the first week of an intense rehearsal schedule of the inaugural show for the theater company for which Dan is the founding artistic director.  I looked at him, like, "duh. THAT's why." 

love love love

She is here to be in the thick of it, to absorb enough chaos to make up a smidgen for the distance we usually have in our lives.

We packed it in: games, reading, walks, nail-painting, strawberry picking, cooking, eating, talking, crying, more eating...Our time together is punctuated with, "Oh, have you read this book? Put it on your list!"

We had a potluck for Ani's birthday, and our friend M. came over for dinner another night, and mom just rolls with it, fitting in well in the circle of friends.  She might have also taken care of dinner - in and out - several nights as well as making the dish-fairy appear every day.

Thank you, Mormsie, for coming to be with us in our busy busy-ness, and for making it feel both special and normal all at the same time. We love you...

Eliza is pretending to be a sullen teen.

(why isn't there just a heart symbol on the keyboard? heart. heart. heart.)


Nancy said...

Oh how lucky for all of you! So much love - so wonderful!

alissa said...

Those are some great pics. Sounds like a great visit! Jealous a bit.

merry said...

I'm still living in the glow of that love a week later. What a wonderful visit. Thank you for allowing me to stay so long and be a fly on your wall of daily life. Add to the berry picking, reading, eating ( Deb is such a good cook!), puzzling, planting, and beautiful concert, I got to listen to Eliza's fiddle lesson, be tutored on cicadas, saw some areas of Ohio I'd never seen, went to a movie with my girls AND got to see a rehearsal of Dan's upcoming play! A pretty full week for one that didn't feel busy at all! I love you all!! Thank you - and Eliza, you can photo bomb anytime you want!!