Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter!

While we don't celebrate Easter in church, we can't pass up the excuse to continue celebrating spring, and we'd be nuts to turn down an egg hunt.  It even crossed my mind today that we should do this for every holiday, birthdays included!  I suppose it might lose its novelty, but we have a long way to go before that happens...

During a lull in the seeking, I took the opportunity to photograph the new compost bin in the lovely morning light...have I mentioned that I love this compost bin?
And really, what else is there to do with all the dyed easter eggs, than make deviled eggs? Dan would disagree with me on this, but luckily the girls were on my side (and he wasn't there to give his opinion anyway), so we had them for lunch, and they looked so purty I had to give photographing food another go.  Here they are (I know, I am making way too big a deal out of a plate of eggs), with slices of Ambrosia roll-ups (another recipe that will appear soon) and garnished with violets, redbuds, from our yard, and scallions.  The real reason I am loving this plate of food is that we got in those wild foods and the girls totally dug it. Eating flowers! What's not to love?
After a rest and a thermos of the Cold Elixir, I coaxed the girls to the garden to plant onions. They were awesome, helping spread the composted manure, work the soil, planting the sets, making plant markers (E was quite persistent on this task, sounding the words out and checking with me. I am always so glad to get in some writing on the sly!). 

Farmer A, kickin' it back on a pile of bagged manure, after a good hour's work.


Crunchy Christian Mom said...

How lovely is that egg platter!! Really, violets for lunch? That's one girly meal. :)

Kerry said...

Gorgeous header photo of eggs! Sometime I'm going to try and see if I can get a decent shot of my that will be a challenge.
Also, that's a lovely compost bin, bathing there in the sunlight; I'd be enamored of it too!