Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unschooly Days

These photos don't need much comment - just a day spent decompressing after houseguests - but I will say that it was not the first time that I wish I had better sewing skills to pass down to E!  She clearly has a strong idea of what she wants to do with creating things through sewing, and luckily with the help of a pillowcase and her incredible well of patience with me and the needle and thread, she accomplished in an hour what she set out to - creating a "tunic", in the style of Mabel Rose in her current favorite graphic novel, The Courageous Princess.  She remembered my request that activities that take a high level of my attention and patience happen early in the day (this would include sewing! and piano practice!), and it happened! I made a silent vow to finally learn how to use the hand-me-down sewing machine I received from my cousin a few years ago!
We had cut the tunic a while ago, but she decided to hem it and sew up the sides.  I think she was pretty happy with the results, though we'll have to go over some of the stitches to reinforce a bit.
Then we were off to a hike at the Ridges that we hadn't done since the first week we were here.

It was lovely - a warm day with lots of conversation about plants and smells and snakes, and several close-up viewings of the turkey vultures who live up there - one swung by often during our hike and received the nickname "Pickering" from E, who noticed he had a few feathers missing on his right wing, making him easily identifiable.  We also saw a deer and lots of wildflowers.

Just so you don't think our days are Maria von Trapp idyllic, I think we all had melt-downs before bedtime, struggles over piano practice, violent sneezing from at least two of us, and Mama relented and let them watch a Magic School Bus, even though it was not a "movie" day. There. Do you feel better?!

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alissa said...

yes, i do feel better. thank you.