Friday, April 24, 2009

There and Back Again

Oy. What a day. We spent the whole day in the car, and yet only went as far as Columbus. At least that's how the girls felt, I think, but they were troopers along for the ride on our let's-make-the-most-of-a-run-to-the-airport errand bonanza.  

First, here is a photo for Dan, post Trader Joe's, on our way to Target (in Lancaster) (I don't know why I needed to tell you that) - don't we look happier than we did when we left you at the airport? Um, yeah.  Ani was pulling the biggest huge-cheeked sad face I've ever seen - it was heartbreaking.  But a few TJ's mini peanut butter cups and the chance to push around her own cart - good as new. (I took this at a light. A long light, for those of you who are concerned about it.) (And I am aware that I look like a total dork, but to be honest, for those of you who don't know me in person - this is actually what I look like!!)
We then proceeded to get lost in Lancaster, but that gave us the chance to talk to a very nice man, after driving through what looks like an interesting town.  The Ohio Museum of Glass is there, right on the main street - we'll have to look into that.  Finally we made it to Target, but we had to pause in the parking lot to consume an entire box of organic blueberries in the car. 
(Aren't you glad I took a photo of that?!) Our mission to get Eliza a new bathing suit and socks accomplished (plus a new sunhat for moi - maybe you'll get the chance to glimpse it in a future gardening shot?) (I am reeeallly tired, can you tell?), it was now 4:45 and I had promised a stop at Old Man's Cave.  This place really caught their imagination when we went over Dan's spring break, and I was happy to stop, though it meant more driving.  It smelled like the Northwest to me - wet and earthy, cool.  I was amazed to see a small forest of trillium along one edge of the gorge - I wish I could have captured it well in a photo, it was so beautiful.  We had a short visit there, cut a bit shorter by tired kids and an unfortunate stumble over some rocks for E, so we headed home, arriving around 7:30 to a supper of fried eggs (I think this might be the second time in a week that I have served this for supper.), a glass of wine from one of our cheapo bottles from TJ's, a bath, and bed.

(Consumed, but not pictured:  french fries and ketchup; aforementioned peanut butter cups; an entire box of organic strawberries; hummous and sesame rice crackers from TJ's; a terrible terrible latte from McDonald's. Why was I surprised?)


Kerry said...

McDonald's serves lattes? I guess i would still stick with the vanilla milk shake even though it gives me a tummy ache. And fries. I love it that you served wine with fried eggs. Why has that never occurred to me. Red or white?

bigbooty said...

White. It was lovely.
And it was an iced latte. Still terrible. But cold, and we had weather in the 80's yesterday, so it actually did the trick anyway.
The girls couldn't believe we were in a McD's, but we had to pee, and one thing lead to another (that big old sad face figured in - I felt like one of those old commercials where Mickey D's saves the day, y'know?)