Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table at any given time holds so much more than three meals a day...Right now the following can be found gathered together (plus a jar of honey, my cup of tea, a couple of poetry books from snack time, and the computer!)
a dead bee

Mystery fungus - I always thought these were called "fairy cups", but I'm not finding a clear ID on them. I love them - they look like little nests filled with eggs!
nuts - the girls love to try cracking these with the nutcracker. 
messy but so much fun.

floating hazelnuts

drawing stuff of course

and mint, the last herb left on the table. It just might stay here - the girls love to pick a leaf once in  a while to chew on while they wait for dinner!

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Merry said...

Have you planted mint outside your front door? It will multiply and the smell will greet you each time you come in or out. How cheerful is that?!