Thursday, June 4, 2009

No strawberries today

We were supposed to go strawberry picking today, but it's raining a cold rain, Ani has the sniffles, and, well, I decided to listen to the strong voice in my head that said "Stay Home", and so we did.  I think it's the day we needed.  There has been loads of reading - Hans Christian Anderson, Thimble Summer, Pigeon Wants a Puppy - some game playing (Ani's new Frog and Toad game from her birthday - thanks Lucy!), 
some quiet time with stories on tape (Ragweed by Avi for Eliza, Magic Tree House for Anika)
popovers, tea, and healing potions (this one Eliza made with lavender flowers and mint leaves.).
The girls are now watching Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant (the "whiz-popping" scene is on - if you don't know this, it is hilarious, and as Eliza pointed out to me, is all about what we in our house call "tooting"), and we might have a rainwalk in our future. Or maybe just more books.


kimmy said...

you know I cannot resist identifying stuff. Those fungi look like, Bird's Nest Fungus, as you suspected, kinda:)

Check here:

and google image the term Bird's Nest Fungus.

I keep forgetting about Magic Treehouse for Ani....

We're going to try and get to some art openings and a music performance tonight for First Fridays...and maybe dinner out :)

bigbooty said...

YES! i realized it minutes after posting last night. duh, should have followed my instincts on that one, huh? looks like a nest, probably is called a nest...i've got more pictures that i'll post later!

wish we were joining you for FF! i'm harvesting and the girls get Dan all to themselves tonight!

our Ani just got into MTH and seems stuck on #2 about knights and castles...