Monday, June 8, 2009

Ridiculous. Happy.

Ridiculously happy is how I am feeling watching this.
I mean, there are tears streaming down my face and I am laughing so hard.
Let it buffer, 'cause it's more fun when the groove is groovin.
Thank you my sister!!!!! 

(and in case you this is your first time on a computer since March, I would highly recommend that you visit this train station in Antwerp, Belgium for a serious pick-me-up - especially you, Dad.) (Ok, I am crying again.  I should probably get out more, but for any of you who know me, you are really not surprised.)


Annie said...

Omg, that was so great! Thanks for sharing that.

alissa said...

yay! i knew you'd like it!!!

JessicaBliss said...

YEAH!!! And they're so GOOD! We should totally DO that some day. Me and you and everyone we know. Wait, isn't that the name of a movie? Ok, me and you and some other people who we are aquainted with. FUN.
ps I am reading everrrrrything you wrote in the last 2 months. Maye take time to digest, respond etc, but I am so on it...