Monday, June 8, 2009

Toadling Changes

Here are the little buddies a few days ago - kicking their hind legs, and spending a lot of time hanging out near the little "log" we put in the bowl...And here is what we came downstairs to this morning!!
We hung out with toadlet and the taddies most of the afternoon, drawing, listening to frog stories, drawing pond pictures...
And when we realized that Mr. Four Legs was climbing up the side of the bowl, dragging his long fishy tail toward freedom, we decided it was time for a new home.  Eliza gave him a ride on a piece of bamboo...
And I daresay he looks like he might break out with "Rainbow Connection" any old minute, don't you think? (I know, I know, Kermit is a frog, but still)
Can you imagine what it feels like to grow that fast?  It blows my mind.

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