Friday, September 18, 2009

Corn Cob Dollies

We are really excited about autumn around here...Eliza mentions Hallowe'en several times a day, and we have begun noticing the changing colors, the smell in the air, the little things that tell us Fall is on its we delved into magical Fall merry-making today.
We spent time removing the colorful kernels of corn from the cob (black cat optional, but quite fun), in preparation for stringing necklaces, garlands, running our hands through the beautiful gems...but we didn't quite get that far. We've been listening to Little House in the Big Woods and thought we remembered that before Laura got her rag doll (whose cheeks and lips were painted with pokeberry juice!), she had a cob dollie. The girls weren't quite sure what this meant, so we looked at the bare cobs once we were done removing the kernels and talked about how one could make them look like little and one suitcase full of scraps later we were finished with four!

Alice, Gloria, Rose, and Margaret


Merry said...

These are so sweet!! What a fun project for a fall day, and a good history lesson to boot!

alissa said...

those could NOT be any cuter!

5 orange potatoes said...

He, he, those are so cute!!


Annie said...

That is so cute! Perfect names for the dollies too!