Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My girl took a walk with me the other night; it's rare that we have time alone together, and it was interesting to hear her revert to what sounds like some "babyish" talking and behaving as though she were little(er!) again. She is wanting to have more autonomy, and yet is not willing to move far away from me, and in fact would love more cuddling, more babying, more time with just me. As we neared the secret garden before looping back to our home, she ran ahead, calling,

"Mama! We're almost to our destiny!"

Eliza operates in a dreamy space much of the time - telling stories, drawing dreams, singing long complicated operatic tales...Today in the car I was thinking about transformation and this time of year, and how all of the changes happening in the natural world are so closely mirrored in my own internal growth, and as usual I started talking about it to the girls, about how changes happen inside of us as well as in our bodies, and Eliza very politely told me, "Mom, I was actually having a very nice daydream..." " mean, I was interrupting?" "Yeah. Sorry." "Oh, uh, no that's ok, it can wait..." One of the nicest gifts being home gives this child is time. Time to dream, time to imagine, time to try on and discard and try again...time to figure out, time to process and absorb, time to reinvent, create, and envision her destiny...

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Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

Me, too! I'm almost to my destiny too!

So wonderful.