Saturday, October 3, 2009

Windy Sunday

Today was about wind...and collecting seeds...and getting along...and wild playing...
and leaving mom in the dust while running ahead to our picnic spot...(can you see them?)
...and woolly bears. Always on this hill, on this part of the path, the woolly bears.
Plotting a midnight trip to NeverNever Land, to meet Peter Pan.
Yes, and more hay bales. How could we not?

And what you cannot see: the fifty small bags of seeds in my vest pocket; there must be a project brewing...and an amazing meal our friends made for us - almond encrusted chicken (which had been soaked in buttermilk. Did you know you could do that???), homemade pasta and sauce...These people have no running water, but the food they prepare is exquisite. I am so thankful - and they are also good company...and I guess I could mention that the meal was the creation of their 17 year old (homeschooled) daughter, as is the case every time we dine there.

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