Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Up

I've been home a few days now, and it has all been about catching up, so it seems fitting to lump it all in at one go here, though I'm certain to miss a few things down those gaping cracks...There has been bundling, coaxing, dragging and finally dashing to enjoy the sunny albeit cold days we've been racking up here...There is Dan! Precious time with Dan. We have time to play games, remember how to share a kitchen, have conversations that are leisurely and not filled with urgency.
There was a haircut by an anxious and reluctant mama (those braids!), but the end results seem to satisfy (the mama) and delight (the girl). She looks too...old, to me. Ah, time.
There has been drawing, cutting, gluing, glittering, of course, sewing, modge-podging and craftiness willy-nilly around here. Finally a bit of festive decorating and some entertaining.
Reading (Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of Nimh) and storytelling (Ani will pick up a clothespin and make it talk - imagine what she might do with a nativity scene?!) and cooking (Popovers. Frittatta. Smoothies. Penny Carrots. All Eliza.)..sigh. Busy and buzzing these days. Mostly happily. My family appears to have thrived in my absence, to my great relief, and I am slowly settling back into a house filled with chatter, cats, singing, squabbling, needs, gifts and lots of yelling, like this: MOM?????????????????????? Yes? IIIIII LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEE YOUUU!!!!!!!
Love you too...


Kerry said...

Very nice haircut: she looks so grown-up. Your days look so delightful, filled with icy puddles and oranges with stars and cloves. And Dan has a beard/moustache thing goin' on--did that happen while you were gone?

alissa said...

welcome back! i missed you.
love the haircut, but yeah, she does look old. halfway to 8! and lucy spent over an hour tonight, singing songs with the ornaments on the tree. yup. the only one that i can remember was for the santa near the top. something like: "i'm up at the top and nobody notices me when they look at the tree...but that is good because i could break easily..."
and she is working on some presents that i have absolutely no knowledge of. which she wrapped and put in our stockings already.
see? i don't need a blog. i can just comment on yours.

Stephanie said...

Groan. I still can't say braids. :/
And I still haven't fixed Maddie's hair. Just don't know what to do... so it stays in its chaotic way. She loves it.
Likes to rub this spot on the top of her head that's like 1/4 inch long. Feels funny and cool to her.

Glad you're catching up with your family, and are home safe!
We're about the same... making and making and making. :)

Tan Family said...

The orange lantern is really beautiful! Any tips on how to cut it?

Merry said...

It's good to have you home and blogging again! I missed those few days between Helvi's birth and today!I kinda like Dan's new look, and of course, LOVE LOVE LOVE Eliza's!! I'll be seeing you all soon and wrapping my arms around you!!

5orangepotatoes said...

Cute haircut!
I love that you went to Seattle to experience her first born with her and her family. That is wonderful. I bet you missed your little ladies to pieces though (and them you)!