Friday, December 4, 2009

Today in Seattle

Bubbie, 40 weeks

Today was about food. Shu Shee Salmon, Yellow Curry. Shopping at the QFC. Rosemary Diamante bread with avocado. Cougar Mountain pumpkin cookies, and nanaimo bars at North Hill Bakery...I'm cooking a squash for soup to put in the freezer, and will start on some Mother Bars in a bit. Bubbie told me today that I remind her of being with her mother - as we pushed in our chairs at the Thai restaurant, we were already talking about supper and the grocery shopping we were about to do....from meal to meal.

There was a quick sprint (preggers style) around Volunteer Park, with a stunning peek at some pink Olympic mountains. There was gazing at the apartment window where my daughter was born; there is still a pinwheel in the windowbox that I'm certain dates from our time there, and the dogwood tree is thriving. There was the spotting of 3 neighbors within the first half hour of being on Capitol Hill - it all made me just ache to be there again, with my family. So nice for it all to feel that familiar and welcoming. I was worried this country girl would feel too overwhelmed by the hipness of this place, but there are plenty of regular folk for me to blend in with while admiring the hipness from a couple of booths away.

There was a two-mamas-in-an-SUV-rocking-out-to-Hedwig and the Angry Inch moment. There was loud singing and some good cervical craziness going on (her cervix, not mine) - maybe we need more rocking out? I'm there.


I have prescribed rest and cuddles for the parents-to-be this evening, while I putter about and cook. What a gift of time I am enjoying here, time to reflect on my life a bit, time to reflect on my family - it is good to have some distance from which to miss the mess, the constant chatter, the lack of privacy, the all-encompassing that is having a family. And miss it I do.

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alissa said...

gorgeous belly, gorgeous mama!!! wahoo!