Monday, December 7, 2009

Still in Seattle...

Ah, what a vacation I am having. Do I feel guilty? You bet. I'm sleeping so hard I'm drooling, I read the Sunday paper today (and almost wish I hadn't), and I've had so many uninterrupted adult conversations that my brain is kind of tingly. I think of my family all through the day, disoriented by the time change that has me waking when they are deep into their day. There was a nice moment today however, when I'm pretty sure my love and I were cooking food for other people at pretty much the same time; Bulgarian tomato soup with dumplings for their supper tonight and for our neighbor's family tomorrow, and Tortilla casserole here, some for tonight and some for the freezer.
Aside from the food and some wandering about West Seattle while Bubbie took a yoga class, today was about tying a few loose ends (as you can see, figuring out the Moby wrap with Mama and Papa Bear was one of them) and relaxing. I have one more day here to soak her up and offer distraction - how lucky am I to have these precious last days of her time? It is not wasted, I assure you - I am enjoying every minute of it.

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