Thursday, February 11, 2010

Me, Right Now. And back then. And a little bit ago.

Ach. This post should make my sister howl. Stephanie, over at Ordinary Life Magic, threw me the challenge of photographing "Me, right now", within five minutes of reading her post. Ahem. Yeah. Well, that was last night. And, funny, whenever I turned the camera on myself, the photo turned up blank. Go figure. But this is what I was doing...

Ta da! All done!
And then this morning I thought I would give it another shot. As it were. Taking her cue, I tried the mirror shot. Hm. I don't quite have it. I am NOT a picture person...Like how I can't hold my camera with only one hand? Nervous nelly.
Thought I'd have another go at it this evening. With nearly disastrous results, but on the hilarious side of disastrous, so I'll share...this one looks like I'm dreaming of Texas. It reminds me of these equally hilarious, but oh-so-serious photos that my sister took of me when I was 18: black and white...lying on an old wooden pier, shading my eyes with my arm, seaweed tangled in my long hair, fanned out all around me...I meant to look artsy. I think I looked, well, dead. In an artsy way. What can I say - I was a theater student. Things haven't changed much, huh?
This also makes my hair look golden, which I'll tell ya, it ain't.

Ah, here we go, another shot at the mirror this evening. This is the closest I think I got to looking like moi. It's blurry, but there you go. There is a smile, extending even to the eyes - I even look amused at the whole fiasco. Still holding on for dear life to the camera.

And this here's what I'm heading over to do...right now...kiddos asleep...husband...husband? Husband? Ah. Asleep.
I think I'm supposed to pass this along to someone else - I haven't ever been tagged for this kind of thing before - but I think I can't really do that...I just....well, so let's do this - if you're hot to photograph yourself - yes, YOU! - in the next five minutes, good on ya, please do it, and link to it in the comments. YOU. Right Now.


Stephanie said...

cackling and choking over here.
Er - not choking from you, choking from cackling.
What a good sport you are! :) You, me, K - we're all in the same boat!
well, maybe different boats on the same funny seas.
Thanks so much for playin' - that was great fun!
going back to read it again and laugh some more...

Stephanie said...

Oh -
and how strange to see my face (picture) and olm on someone else's computer at someone else's house....
I think I'll take a pic of your taking a pic and put it on my blog so you can see what i mean... if you see what I mean.

Ha! what a mouthful that was.

Tan Family said...

Oh, fabulous pics! Really wonderful. I did the same thing on flickr earlier tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing much fun. A) You are gorgeous...B) I should play along but HATE pictures of myself...and so likely won't. C) What is that book you are reading...looks like one I might want to read. Happy Friday.

Alice Enevoldsen said...

I'll play: Alice.

Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

I love the map picture!! :) Too funny.