Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gotta love BINGO

Friday morning the girls hopped up from breakfast to get out a numbers BINGO game we've had for a couple of years.  Little did they know that I'd stayed up late the night before (you know how these things go) and made a word BINGO to play with them.
It was so simple - I got the idea for the kinds of words to use from Peggy Kaye's Games for Reading and then expanded with a couple of cards filled with words I knew would get the girls excited: nature words and...Harry Potter.

They loved it - I know, it's a simple thing, but aren't those the best? (Can you see how Eliza couldn't sit still? She's a blur, she was bouncing around so much.)

The rest of Friday was spent cooking together, doing lots of reading (still coughing a lot)...
Here is a rare shot of Ani with a workbook - we don't "do" these much, but I had one lying around and she was immediately caught up in the math and reading, picking and choosing what sounded like fun...It amazes me, how much more interested she is in learning things this way than Eliza ever has been.  It speaks to my "school trained" mind that I get excited over the fact that she can do worksheet after worksheet, and do it well.  Eliza is writing an email, all on her own. ("Oh darn - I forgot to put in those thingies! Punctuation!"  She went back and reread it and decided to add a few exclamation points for good measure.)

 And finally a little bit of Out. Not much, mind you. But the sun was beckoning and we so needed a change of scenery to change our grumpy moods.
It worked. (at least for a while...)

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