Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sick days

"Eliza I love you I am sore that you r sick"
Yes, fevers. Coughs. Restless sleeping. There is the drinking of "fizzy juice" (Emergen-C) and echinacea.  Heavenly Cold Elixir.  Reading of entire graphic novels (a true gift from the mama who finds that print sooo tiny!).  No appetite for anything but snuggles, and a little bit of this:
and this
A very wet walk in the rain after dinner for me, stories, bed...and now a quiet evening, hopeful for some solid sleep for the babes.


Stephanie said...

oof! We're on like round three!!!
Four days of coughing and blowing noses every three seconds, two days of better and almost celebration, and then four days of coughing and tissues again.
They rarely get sick! I don't know what in tarnation they have! (Eric and I haven't gotten it - :?

I've let it be known (to the Universe) that I'm done with it after this round. No more.
Not for a whole year, either.

Annie said...

Get well soon!! It's no fun being sick.