Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day, May Day!

Oh, May Day.  We had such plans.  Who invited the stomach flu?????  Sigh. No, we did not attend a birthday party at the park, followed by the Waldorf school's sweet May Day festivities, making flower crowns and dancing around the maypole.  My flexible and loving husband took it in stride that I was suddenly bedstricken, and took the girls to market for the morning.  They babysat me for a couple hours while he had a meeting, picked me all the flowers from the backyard, piled blankets on me and performed a show....until he was back to take them back out for a hike. A day unplanned but not lost. 
And we did manage one may basket for our dear friend Esme.


Kerry said...

Oh dear, I hope you feel better. J is looking forward to being with you soon and I hope you're up for it by then; it's not fun to feel unwell and have somebody walk in the door.

Annie said...

Oh no! It's never fun to be sick but stomach flu has to be the worst!