Friday, July 9, 2010

Gallery (and a play!)

Today's Gallery features a new strain of creature in Eliza's repertoire...the Maidens. They are a little tripped-out, starry-eyed and fantastical...I have no idea where they came from!
Garden Maiden
Bird Maiden
detail of hummingbird
The original Star Maiden
The Fire Maiden (with fireflies)

Ani's recent drawings are a little tamer...
And after seeing a hawk along the roadside last week while driving to Columbus to pick up Mormor, we speculated on what he might be hunting, which led to a long discussion (Ani-led) about food chains, and she decided to draw a is one about sharks. 
So you'd know it was a chain, there is a chain drawn up in the corner, see? And she remembered that the sun is the source of (almost) all energy, so there it is, shining above the fish feeding frenzy...
:: :: :: ::
This morning was the culmination of three weeks of theater camp for Eliza, and there was a performance! It was awesome, and she had so much fun...
(Mama, did you see me shrug when I said that line? 
Um, yeah. I got it all, babe!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, wonderful family, for sharing your lives with me this past week. What a fantastic time it was - even in the humid heat! The beautiful grottos, the yummy berries, watering the garden and seeing all the richness you are producing, and then the cozy story times, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, swimming with the geese. The list of memories goes on and on. Thank You!!

Mari said...

Fabulous drawings by your girls! As an artist myself, I find I am constantly inspired by my children's drawings. Some aspects of my daughters work has made it in to my paintings, so far she doesn't mind! ;-)

kellyi said...

Eliza'a drawings are AWESOME! (The others are too, of course)

But she has a talent - each of the Maidens has such personality. There's a story to be told with them I'm sure....I'll expect news of a book by 2011 shall I?

Stephanie said...

Good grief!!
They're really amazing, aren't they?

All of them are super, super cool.