Thursday, July 8, 2010


The deep hues of blueberries and raspberries 
stored up for a winter morning
The super-speedy flash of pink and magenta on the bikepath
 The spark of a good conversation
The green come-hither of the poison ivy under the railroad car
The power of old paint to still catch an eye
Must. Climb.
Mullein in the sky
The incredible buzzing of paper wasps, 
finding a creative home for their nest
 And, oh...summer...
Sunsugar tomatoes, so perfectly named, sugar from the sun
And the gift of a hibiscus bloom, so ridiculous in its Sunday-Hat-dinner-plate, over-the-top size and color, screaming out joy and hallelujah from its simple green stalk, waving its alien pistil and stamen like it has something glorious to share.
And it does!

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Kerry said...

Gloriously beautiful.