Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Road Trip - the Fourth and Final part

Ok, this post is mostly for my mother, who can't get enough photos of the people!!!  Here are some gratuitous family shots, from our last hike of the week.  For some reason I chose to leave my camera behind for the hike - once in a while I think I should free myself of the pace and focus of being the photo-taker, but this time I should have had it.  We were back at Lucifer Falls, and each step was so beautiful, such stunning layers of rocks, stacked like paper along the walkway, and a deep green of moss lying just under the rushing water.  I grabbed the camera from the car after the walk, while we milled about in the few flakes of snow that started to fall, and got these shots....
M.G. and Christoper - and Hobbes
Our beautiful hostess, Jessica, and Calvin
Ani, her wish stick, and Chrystal
Uncle John (otherwise known as Fuzzy Johnny) and Ben
Doesn't she look like she could be theirs? Reminds me of photos I've seen of me, holding John's hand at his wedding with Kerry, about 100 years ago (um.....39?). That's all!


merry said...

Oh thank you!! It's so nice to see my family!! And Ani looks like a porcelain doll!

Kerry said...

It was a mere 36 and a half years ago:)