Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Kind of Normal

Feeling under the weather this week has not put too much of a damper on things around here. We're all coughing, but have enough energy mid-day to do...

We played around with an activity from a book I picked up at a library sale, called Math and Literature by Stephanie Sheffield.  After reading a picture book called The Bedspread by Sylvia Fair, we talked about symmetry, and played around with venn diagrams.
The girls drew the front of our house, without looking at each others' drawings, but while talking to each other about what they were drawing.  "Let's start with the front door."  "Did you remember the chimney?"
Ani's front door
Eliza's front door
We compared their drawings and constructed a venn diagram of the similarities and differences between their houses.
Determined to have a picnic - but it's hunting week here in Ohio...
so, to the bike path.
Ani took this picture of me...I don't look too sick, do I?
Ani is talking to Dan, so far away...
I got out my carving tools this week, and Ani was intrigued, carving herself a heart.
Here is a detail from one of Eliza's drawings from this week - very hip arm warmers (and you can just barely see that this chica is sporting a nose ring...ya!!).

All this,  some cooking of corn bread, lots of tea, a trip to the library for International Kids Program (a journey to Iceland this week!), and a lot of listening to and reading of stories...some good, mostly quiet days for us.


Stephanie said...

I'm just so crazy about their drawings.
It's a good thing they don't live here, 'cause I'd be hard-pressed to throw anything away.

Symmetry - a year -two?- we tried something out - it's in Fun and Games... take a pic of each of them, and divide the face in half down the middle, then flip the left and right side of the face so that it's exactly symmetrical with both sides.
You come up with two different faces!
I've explained it totally lousy here, but you can see two pics of Madd in the thumbnail.
Pretty interesting. :)

I'm glad you're home safe and sound and that everything is going the usual super-finely!

slim pickins said..., i don't throw anything away. i have notebooks and notebooks and notebooks and...i will definitely check that face activity out!!! i understand what you're saying, just not how to execute it...

alissa said...

love the diagrams! and the drawings. and you don't look sick, you look gorgeous!!!

Annie said...

I'm not always good with making time to comment these days but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I always feel like I wish I could be a part of your fun.

I hope you all feel better soon. Lily and I are coughing a bit here too. We've been drinking a lot of shredded liquorice root, marshmallow, lemon balm, nettle and yarrow tea... mmm... xx