Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday love

In the mornings the window panes were covered with frost in beautiful pictures of trees and flowers and fairies. Ma said that Jack Frost came in the night and made the pictures, while everyone was asleep. Laura thought that Jack Frost was a little man all snowy white, wearing a glittering white pointed cap and soft white knee-boots made of deer-skin. His coat was white and his mittens were white, and he did not carry a gun on his back, but in his hands he had shining sharp tools with which he carved the pictures. Laura and Mary were allowed to take Ma's thimble and make pretty patterns of circles in the frost on the glass. But they never spoiled the pictures that Jack Frost had made in the night. 
 ~ Little House in the Big Woods

 We had another quiet day today...reading, listening, playing games...Ani's fever persisted...she asked for "that tea that tastes a little like mint after you're done drinking it and it's good for you". Um...peppermint? Nope. you know the plant? Yes. It's tall and has these little flowers or maybe berries...Could you draw it? I think so...
Ahhh....mullein? Yes! That's it! After some discussion we decide that while mullein is good for my chest cold, there are other herbs that might help her belly and immune system right now... (and yes, I was beaming.) So, chamomile and echinacea it was, with some elderberry syrup to sweeten the pot.
That was about it! There was a brief Outside, to be with Papa - I think she dragged around the hoe, poking at the ice and talking a blue streak...
 But then it was Inside, to listen and draw and fall asleep before supper, and then again, on Papa, shortly after was lovely, and I hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

We have been playing Wildcraft a lot since we got it on Thursday and Isaac just loves it. While he already can identify many herbs and medicinal plants, now he is learning what they are used for. Such valuable knowledge. I'd have been beaming too, mama.
Love that pic of Ani and Dan. Hope she's all better soon. xo