Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter's poetry

Both girls have been inspired recently to write some poetry about Winter.  Here is one from Eliza:
Leaf litter covers the earth as white covers the crusty dirt, falling down, down, down

Little flowers start to spring out of the earth; sunflowers nod their heads in the wind
and love grows and grows and grows.

:: :: :: :: 

...and from Ani
Winter's long
Winter's boring
In my longing
I'll be soaring


merry said...

What is there NOT to love about kids' poetry?!!I'm enjoying catching up on the week's entries and hoping Ani is feeling better. It's hard to believe she's almost 6! I've been wondering if you got all the snow the east was being pelted with - did you get the bitter cold too?It's been very cold here too, but promises to warm up (to the 20s) this week.Love you all.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this. Kid's poetry is gorgeous. It's so real and honest. Ani's "In my long, I'll be soaring" was fantastic. Let her know that I really "felt" it. Very cool.

Isaac expressed that he wanted to write a book this past weekend. We started on it and I am loving the process. It's so easy for little ones to express themselves this way because they don't over think things, like we might. Such great teachers. xo

Kerry said...

Great job, little poets. And lovely photos too!