Saturday, March 5, 2011

Following the sun

It is raining again tonight, which is just another sign of the early days of spring. There has already been flooding on the roads and here it is early March...This week we had a couple days of brilliant sunshine sandwiched in there and we lapped those golden rays right up...inside and out.
Geoboard SUN.

Newly canned half-gallon of maple syrup - liquid sun!
Charlie and recent creations, hanging out in the morning light...
 We took a long walk to the river, to see the flooding and to meet friends at the cafe.
We've never seen the Hocking River this high. There is usually a generous sandbar in the middle, beyond where the girls are standing. Pretty amazing to watch the sweeping movements of the water swirling below us.

First Dandelion!
Our garlic is coming up!
We coaxed our friends into spending another day with us, this time on a trek to the farm for milk.  The first thing we heard when we reached the bike path were the spring peepers. Spring Peepers!!!
Really the trip was to see the bull, who is now four weeks old...
Days that sustain us and fill us up for the long rains ahead...


merry said...

I love, love, love Ani's new shoes and socks!! Good catching up with you last night.Miss you like crazy!!

Debbie said...

I feel like my status reports on garden progress will be anti-climatic. :) guys are so far ahead of us. I love seeing it all though. And Ani's shoes are so sweet and that syrup is making my mouth water despite the fact that we had pancakes for dinner...and plenty of maple syrup. :)