Tuesday, May 31, 2011


oh, there you are...

We made a short and sweet visit to Virginia, to visit our dear ones there, joining them for a camping weekend on the Rappahannock River.  It was a weekend of excesses - beauty, sun, water, good food, stars, drink - and just the thing to ring in this new season.  Early, of course, as it's only just turning June tomorrow, but how can you not sing Summer! in the face of fireflies? Swallows building nests?  Sweat that forms the minute you, well, breathe?? 
Marshlands along the Rappahannock River
Willa running for the water
Eliza, the fierce water nymph
Finder of stones
Chris, the personal water taxi
The Parents, by Ani
Dan aglow
The not-so-little Littles: Willa, Anwen and Ani
Rescuing a cicada from the water
It was an intense weekend, perhaps most eloquently represented by the male mockingbird who sang his spring song nearly the entire time we were gathered, perched in the tree just over our tent.  We heard blue jay, warbler, robin, cardinal, hawk, seagull, and possibly car alarm sometime in the wee hours of the night, coming from his talented throat.  Miraculous and a bit crazy-making - kind of like having the opportunity to be with people we love in a beautiful place plus the reality of over-tired sun-drenched children not quite making it to their sleeping bags before the crashing begins....all made better by the presence of good friends and a glass of wine! Lovely start of summer.


lily yee said...

Wow nice pictures.

greetings from Seattle.

merry said...

Oh, what a wonderful weekend you had!And with people you love and don't see often enough!I'm sooo glad you made the trip!Ani's cheeks are so sun-kissed!Thanks for sharing your experiences.Love you all!

Stephanie said...

Perfect. I'm hoping for a fantastic start to our summer today. :) We'll see! (no plans, just Warm - which is a good start.)

What a glorious weekend!

Freedom Three said...

love your blog!