Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's looking like June

We returned from Virginia to 95-degree weather here in Ohio, so what better way to spend a day not unpacking than to join some friends at the pond?
It took us a while to actually jump in, because the number of cool creatures also enjoying the pond got us so excited.
Our friend Osha caught this beautiful Green Frog, the one I call the banjo frog, for its beautiful twang of a banjo-string call.
There were several of these little tree frogs - I think they're called Grey tree frogs, or Cope's tree frogs - they were so charming! This one sitting in Eliza's hand must have decided it needed to go for higher ground; it quickly started its climb up her arm.
They all made it safely back to the ground.  I later found this one quite sensibly hiding in a crevice of the pier. It was neat to watch its color change as it moved around on the wood.
Ah, finally into the water.  This morning was the epitome of summer to me. The only thing missing was picking berries off bushes on the way to the pond, but that part of summer will come too.  I keep having conversations with my girls about the various summer camp opportunities that abound around here, but they are most eager to do just this, with their family and friends.
We clearly weren't the only ones who thought a dip was a good idea today.
After swimming we joined our friends at their farm, and got to visit with a new kid born last night. Life is good.


Stephanie said...


I started with summer and frogs today and ended with "so good", too. :) Isnt' that fine?

it's a good, good life, my friend.

Kerry said...

Sweet pictures. I love the mama and baby goat! Gosh you are far ahead of us with your summer weather; it's still chilly here in Oregon. Lupine, buttercups and calla are here to cheer us, though.

denise said...

Oh, life IS good, isn't it? Beautiful!