Saturday, July 16, 2011

Story Lanterns from Alphabet Glue

We were the winners this week of the latest issue of Alphabet Glue, the literary-based activity-packed online magazine that Annie of Bird and Little Bird has created.  This was all thanks to a give-away by Lisa of Earth Mama, and it is lovely!!!  We had a go at what Annie calls Story Lanterns this week; in our house they became more something like Life-Cycle Story Lanterns, and are destined to become gifts later this summer...

We had little pieces of paper already cut, three of which fit inside the ball jars we had in our cupboard, ready for a project (or kimchi, or salsa, or pickled beans, or...).  I suggested that the girls map out their stories, like a storyboard.
It was all about the life cycles...birds, plants, trees, deer...
Eliza decided to add some texture to her drawings by using some cut up origami paper.
Neither of them decided to write accompanying stories for their drawings, but many of Ani's pieces were labeled for clarity.
I think they're beautiful!! We've often made lanterns around the winter solstice, using tissue paper, but I love these stories in pictures.

For more easy projects (detective kits! accordian books! storystarting jars!), check out Alphabet Glue for yourself!

Just in case there are not enough links in this post, we are also participating in Saturday's Artist over at Ordinary Life Magic, so head over there for some Create! inspiration...

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suzy said...

What a great idea!
We have made lanterns before but not story ones. My girls would love them!