Thursday, August 18, 2011

Madison Zoo

No visit to Madison, seeing my mom and my sister's family, is complete without a trip to the zoo.  I am not a big fan of zoos in general, and this one, though much improved in the 30-plus years I've been visiting, is not a particularly fabulous zoo (sorry, Mom - I have Woodland Park to compare it to!).  It does hold a central spot in my memories of my Grandma Eliza, however - she loved to stroll through with her grand-daughters, or her daughter, or her sister, Ruthie, and I even lived for a year within earshot of the monkeys and the lions...I love that this is a place my mom can bring her grandbabies when they visit. 
Looking for baby lions
The alligator snapping looked sad.
Looking for poisonous frogs
One relaaaaaaxed meerkat
Riding alone, for the first time
Sweet cousins...
The capybara
The wingspan of a swallow-tailed kite


merry said...

Nope, no comparison to Woodland Park, but the Madison zoo is FREE!! Don't find that many places!

Stephanie said...

Zoos are difficult places to visit! I so wish that we had an open-range one around here.
One with dinosaurs, too, as long as I'm dreaming big. :)