Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elderberries and family

There is a lovely new part of the zoo in Madison - it's a garden where they grow some of the foods given to the animals. Each plant has a sign that tells you who eats what; the sign above says:
Elderberry (fruit) Eaten by tortoise, lizards, birds and primates. That's us, too, right? I've written about elderberries before - the syrup we make is a part of our stay-healthy plan during the winter.  Last week my niece took us on a walk near their home in a park that I used to visit with my grandparents on evening walks from their home.  It's looking healthy and well-cared-for, and I am really pleased that she is getting to know the secret trails and hidden springs; it's so beautiful, and right in the city.
While there Ani and I spotted the second half of a rather large snake - a rat snake maybe? - and the first ripe berries of an elderberry plant! I only had to point it out, and the girls were already on their way back home to get bowls to gather the very ripest.  We only managed to find about 1/4 cup of the dark berries, but it was enough to boil into a syrup for their lunchtime tea!  We don't get many opportunities to share wildcrafting with Lucy, which made it extra special.
Still catching up, here are some more photos (mostly for you, family!), of time spent with our family...
Lucy and Gamgee
Cousin sleepover!

Hangin with Auntissy
Loving Uncapoons
Visiting with Big Papa and Great-great Aunt Jean
Eliza on the Wingra boardwalk (I didn't see much of Eliza during this trip!)

Morfar at the beach
Our goal was to swim at every opportunity during our vacation. I think we might have missed 3 days or so...

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