Friday, August 19, 2011


This was the summer of the reunion for us. Our trip north began with a family reunion (one week after Dan's 20th high school reunion, which he did not make it back for!) and ended with a weekend packed with my far-flung family.  Morfar (my dad) and Grandma Liz, from Sheboygan, and then loads of family from my mom's side.  Aunt and Uncle and cousins from eastern Wisconsin, family from around Madison.  An uncle and aunt I hadn't seen for easily 9 years, up from Kentucky. My cousin and his pregnant wife (sorry, we are really really excited) up from Chicago. All gathered at another cousin's house, the reunion completed by my 93-year-old Big Papa and his sister, Jean. Wow.

All this, and the morning of this gathering, Ani burst into tears, saying, "I just want to go HOME. Why does today have to be our People Day?"  She bucked up, however, and got through the day, just firmly announcing to well-wishers that "I am not really a crowd kind of person. I'm going to be by myself right now."  I am so in awe of her presence and self-knowing and her respect for her experience. I don't remember having that at age six! 

Well, this should be my last post about our trip - Dan and Eliza are taking the bus home tomorrow!!!! They are ready to be home and we are so ready to welcome them back...
Mom and my cousin Ben
Beautiful ladies sharing a porch swing
Big Papa and Uncle David
Ah, cousins!
Fitting Papa with a thunder vest for dogs...
...turns him into a Super Hero, don't you think?

The end of a long trip...


merry said...

I LOVE the pictures of Rio and Niles!! Perfect!!!

Kerry said...

Aw gee, I wish I could have been there. So nice.