Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wonder! Sparkle! Out! YES!

We almost stayed home...We hadn't done enough "school" for the week (I'll write more about that change in our "schedule" soon...), there was definitely laundry to be done, and I'd no idea what I was making for dinner. Plus, we only had 2 hours before we had to get to a piano lesson.  But we'd already made the mistake of missing Out for the sake of Inside Have-to's once this week and the results had been disastrous (dramatically speaking...), and I wasn't going that route again.  How many jeweled autumn days could there be left? (she writes, huddled on her bed, refusing to turn on the heat in spite of the stone-cold drizzle outside the window) I'm greedy when it comes to fall. I want all of it. So...Out.
leaf "tarantulas" skittering across the roads
goldenrod in its last days, deep scarlet sumac
singular sparkle
no better place for some yoga
sun and water for inspiration
the woods were creaky with the wind...spoooooky
jack-in-the-pulpit berries ready for the taking...squirrels? anyone?

Ani and toadstool, size comparison
oh, sisters....
I had a hunch this would be spectacular. Boy, was I right.
Lactarius Indigo, you rock my world.*
So Much in one and a half hours. Connection, sparkle, yoga, laughter, space, breath, dreaminess, expansion (can we come here every time we want to do yoga?), silence, wind, story, kindness, wonder, awe, friendship, stride...even a trip to Meltdown and Back (a stray apple, unfinished, rolling and...plop!ing into the lake funny and so not funny...).  Deep pleasure in a decision well-made.
*come on - CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS COLOR???? you don't even have to like mushrooms to find this unbelievably wonderful, unbelievably unlikely, incredibly Unbelievable. And yet, there it is. I'm an inarticulate, panting mess in the presence of this crazy unlikelihood.


merry said...

Beautiful. Everything, Just. Plain. Beautiful. I can almost smell fall in the air!

sarah in the woods said...

Is the blue only on the inside or can you see it from the outside too?

slim pickins said...

sarah - the mushroom looks kind of grayish blue on the outside. if you look at this post - - (just from last week), the fourth photo down shows this kind of mushroom from the top. they like white pines...still haven't gotten up my nerve to try one; i'd like to have someone else id it with me, though everything i've read indicates that there are no poisonous look-alikes and that it's supposedly one of the safest to identify.

Reba said...

Debbie, I sometimes wonder if you didn't miss your calling? You should hook up with a group of fungi scholars and help them with their study. I am always amazed by what you find. :)