Monday, October 3, 2011


photo by Dan
 What do you think this is?

Any guesses?

The eyeball of a marine animal?
Something embedded in a piece of coral?

An emerging alien, perhaps?
photo by Dan
photo by Dan
 These photos were a happy surprise from Dan on my camera, after he took a walk with the girls. Aren't they cool (and does he know me, or what?)?  They were on their way home from an event at the local art museum, which is across the river in one of the buildings that housed a mental hospital for years.  The current exhibit  features works by Ohio artist, Jim Dine.  He has worked in a wide variety of mediums, and there were bronze sculptures, wooden sculptures, paintings, and prints.  Dine has had an obsession with Pinnochio, and there were dozens of representations of the puppet throughout the exhibit.  The museum teamed up with the library and local artists to provide an afternoon of activities for families: a reading of Pinnochio, art stations where you could try making block prints (with thin pieces of foam),  a puppet show of Chicken Little, and a corner of a gallery where participants could make a community piece of word art, encouraged by local poet, Wendy McVicker.
word art
favorite words and phrases, in pencil or rubbed white with gum eraser
My family made me some beautiful artwork that afternoon, and presented it to me for my birthday.

my birthday card, from my sweetie

So, back to the walk! While I headed to grocery shopping, Dan and the girls walked home, mostly so they could check on the progress of this public art work, decorating the tunnel under the road along the river. (the rest of these photos are by Dan)


alissa said...

you still didn't explain what that freaky thing is....

slim pickins said...

oh! sorry! i thought the photos that followed would make it clear. it's a fungus that has grown up around a cicada molt. it was on the cherry trees by the river.

(and now i'm thinking that that might be the grossest thing you personally can imagine...hmmmm...close your eyes?)

alissa said...

yup. it is worse now that i know what it is. and its your header! painful.

Kerry said...

As you may have guessed I LOVE this!! Dan knows you so well. Holy cow, just look at that gorgeous header. (Alissa, I do get you on this, but I kinda share your sister's fascination here! Secretly you love it, right?)

I didn't know Jim Dine was from Ohio. Or the thing about Pinocchio. Good for Jim Dine; everybody should like Pinocchio.