Tuesday, November 22, 2011

friends warming our home

Tonight I am thankful that Dan is enjoying a long reading time with the girls (Return of the King), giving me some quiet and stillness in my evening.
 Many of you are preparing to travel to family and friends this week, or are readying your homes for guests.  We were a bit ahead of the holiday curve and hosted both family and friends this past week and are now looking at a quiet stretch for the month of holidays.
 The last few days we spent with wonderful friends from Virginia. It is reassuring and warming to me to realize how many times we've been together since our move, 3 years ago (at least seven times,  though I might be missing one or two in my count!). 
Stick insect that Eliza spotted on a log
Fresh signs of antler rubs everywhere
During this visit there was hiking, romping, chess-playing, crafting, eating, talking, talking, talking, ice skating...
The Real Deal
So thankful for friends who travel to be with us, for friends who love us from afar, for friends who are right here for the every day.


Stephanie said...

Just that.
♥ ♥ ♥

merry said...

Oops, my email was a little late!Thought they were going to be there for tomorrow, but I know you had a wonderful visit.Isn't it great how the kids just pick up where they left off?N and J look great!!And of course the kids do too. Love you turkeys!

erin said...

travelling friends are one of life's finest blessings, i think.

with meeting so many people via the internet, it has broadened our friendship circles more than i am accustomed to, and for that i am learning to build travel into our life more. the upside is i love it, the travel and adventues we embark on, the downside is that i wish i could get to see everyone i care about more often!