Saturday, November 19, 2011

growing kimchi

 I think the flirty last fling of fall might be over.  Reality arrived this morning with our first mad swirl of tiny flakes, over almost before it had begun, but it's in the air, the smell of winter. We've been working on putting our small garden plot to bed for the season.  What remains is our little bed of daikon radishes, interspersed with red radishes - sounds like kimchi to me! We finally harvested a bit of it a week ago and made a batch of Full Moon Kimchi, with our daikons, our radishes! How cool is that.
 The whole family went last Saturday to work on pulling and mulching...(well, the girls had golf lessons from the renegade non-community gardener who has planted a successful garden just outside the limits of the "official" garden, around the foot of the power lines, with enough room to drive his golf balls out onto the university's driving range...he's a character. We've definitely adopted him.)
Farmer Dan
Daikon in the foreground
In the next few days we need to get in our garlic, before the ground freezes.  The old timer we buy garlic from at the market assures me that he was in the field planting garlic on Christmas Day one year, so maybe I'm not too late...

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