Tuesday, February 14, 2012


scene - the breakfast table. mother and daughters are seated, eating fried eggs and bagels, coffee.

youngest daughter (with great sincerity): What is love?

oldest daughter: Um, you want me to go get the Howard Jones cd? (giggles, in reference to his hit single, What Is Love, circa 1985)

mother (resists urge to break into song, turns to youngest): Well, what do you think it is?

youngest daughter: Well, love is something you share between people. (thinks for a moment) Something special between certain people. And there are different kinds of love - love like your-family-love, love like you're-dating-love, love like you're-friends-love...(ponders thoughtfully)

mother: Mmmm. Mmmhmmm...

oldest daughter (with a faux-Brooklyn accent): And then there's marriage love - marriage love is like being ok with living with that person FOR-EH-VAH.

fade to black.
Happy Valentine's Day!


Bagman and Butler said...

That has to be a real dialogue. You can't make that stuff up! Thanks for a great moment

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love those girls, those conversations, that table by the window....


Debbie said...

So perfect! Happy Valentines Day! I've missed you. xo