Sunday, February 12, 2012

the week's loveliness: snow, and spring paintings

 We saw a wee bit of snow this week...enough for a large, lickable snowball...other than that, it was a fairly normal week! We counted money...(we're only half-way through this project. Nickels? check. Dimes? check.)
 I'm sniffling again - just a normal ol' cold - so we mixed up a new batch of what I think we're calling "Healing Rosehip Tea" but we keep changing the name depending on the season, so it'll probably go back to "That Hibiscusy yummy ice-tea but hot?"  Hibiscus, rose hips, chamomile, red raspberry leaf, nettle, lemon grass, oat grass...packed with vitamin C and other immune-boosting greatness.
 We learned some awesome new felting techniques when our friends visited after Homeschool Marching Choir (some how-to's and more photos coming soon).
 A very little bit of valentining...not much of that this year, curiously, and most of it has to do with wool.
 Mid-week this mysterious note arrived in my hand...
 I know. Genriss and heavy. Whoa. I called 911.
aaaaaaand more snow. At least an inch. !!
 So they sled until the grass showed through. Didn't take too long...
 It was our friend E's first time on a sled! Very cool.
  Hot chocolate, sleepover, Kung Fu Panda, painting...
 They were listening to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon in the kitchen, and when I walked in, this incredible painting was happening! I asked Eliza where she learned this technique - blowing the paint with a straw to create stems, branches, twigs - and she says that I showed her a blog once that had trees made this way.  Huh!
 They are so delicate and spring-like, which seemed a perfect balance for a day in the snow.
Linking this one to OLM's Saturday's artist! Missed it last week!!

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