Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Plant Walk

Trout Lily
"Spring Plant Walk" sounds so boring for what this was - a trek on the medicine plant trail at the United Plant Savers' sanctuary for native plants, in the county south of us.  It was a magical fairyland of plants.  I'd been there once before, without children, and this was the perfect time to share it with them, with all of the spring ephemerals living in their glory.  We drove through a beautiful morning, cloud books in hand ("Look! A cirrus cloud! We're going to have a lovely, sunny day!") to meet up with a whole group of friends to hike through the woods.

Trout Lily about to open - they blossom for one day only
Ani hadn't been sure she wanted to go - she was not interested in a hike where there would be a lot of stopping to look at stuff.  I finally convinced her that there would be all types of hikers along and she'd probably find a few who would adventure ahead with her while us slowpokes wandered and oohed and ahhhed and took photos.  It was true - I pretty much brought up the rear while she forged ahead, stopping to wave back at me every now and then.   By the end of the day we all agreed that we had loved loved loved being in these woods.

Blue Cohosh blossoming

Blue Cohosh

My favorite - the pawpaw flower

Mayapple huddle

I think this is a Sessile trillium



tiny Tulip Poplar

Sensitive Fern (onoclea sensibilis)

Sensitive Fern

Wild Ginger

Lanceleaf Trillium?
Dutchman's Breeches


Baby Buckeye


merry said...

OH WOW!!! Those are gorgeous pictures, Deb!! I used to have bloodroot planted at the side of my place, and some trillium too. They are Wisconsin natives. Love them. Glad the girls had a good time too.

Andria said...

I have always wanted to come across Dutchman's Breeches in the woods. (The flower, not actual pants of a Dutchman.) When we lived in Minnesota, I loved all the spring ephemerals. Now we're in California and your pictures made me miss a good way. :)