Thursday, March 29, 2012

One is a truth and one is what I think

Market ramps and homemade kimchi
My sweet, loving, lovable, adoring, affectionate, devoted little girl was snuggling me in bed the other night with cheek rubs and kisses, our arms around each other as we waited for sleep to come.  She was quiet for a while and then said,
Mama? I have two things to tell you.
One is a truth and one is what I think. 
The truth is that you are a thousand bags of gold to a person who doesn't have any money; that is how I feel, you are a thousand bags of gold. 
And what I think is that your breath smells like farts.

True love: I eat ramps and she still lets me snuggle her in bed.
ramps! ramps! ramps!


Jim Johns said...


Stacy @ Sweet Sky said...

Oh my goodness! That is PERFECT!! I love it.

Still grinning...

merry said...

Once again - Oh AniBanani!! That head is always thinking things up - and you're not afraid to say what you're thinking!! I love you!