Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ann Arbor: the love, the walkabout, and the roller derby!

The girls and I traveled to Ann Arbor this past weekend, to visit old friends.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a beautiful autumn weekend than to travel north, past quickly changing trees, to a place where you are welcomed with open arms.  Their home is so warm and colorful and lovely, and they got a new dog since we last visited (three years ago! the girls were tiny) - wasn't that nice of them to think of how much we'd enjoy her?

Our excuse for the trip (like we needed one) was an offer, on my friend Laurel's behalf, to make skirts with us.  Machine sewing is an area I am slowly moving into and can use a lot of guidance and encouragement in.  We got a lot of that.

We come to Ann Arbor because we especially love these people, but it doesn't hurt that it is such a fun place for us country folk to wander around!! Oh my, the stores. And I do not love to shop, but walking to stores filled with wonderful pieces of art and beautiful papers (Hollander's, for anyone in the know), and the farmer's market with its tamales and autumn abundance, its craftspeople and its monster violinists...not to mention the sprinkling of almost-hidden fairy houses all through the city...

a peak inside!

We had to pass by an incredible yard sale as well, filled with fabrics from Japan and Russia and back-of-the-closet treasures...

And then, there was the Roller Derby! We'd never been to a bout, and we found it exciting but not quite as blood-thirsty and brutal as we'd expected. 


I think the girls were mostly captivated by the outfits and the crazy names... The whole next day was spent creating their derby personas - Scat Girl...(like...Bat Girl? but Scat? like "get outta here" and animal poop all in one cool name?)

...and Wicked Whippersnapper - no explanation needed, I don't think...

...and there was the Slam-Witch, all geared up and ready to rumble...

I failed to photograph half of this fine family, but that was mostly due to having such a relaxing and wonderful time!

Sweet sweet love.  
"Mama, I adore you."  Oh honey. I love you too.
"But mostly I really adore Rosalie"  Oh, I understand.


merry said...

How wonderful that your love relationship with this family can continue year after year. Those skirts are gorgeous, girls! And to think that YOU MADE THEM!!! I'm so proud of you!

debbie said...

Ah how I've MISSED you. Ann close to me, yet so far away. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Write when you can...I'd love to hear from you. xoxoxxoox