Tuesday, April 16, 2013

le weekend

cutting onions? wear goggles.
It was brief, but we soaked it up. Time with Dan, I mean.  Two days between interview trips - gotta fill it with playing ball across the street, and the whirlwind of activities that is spring in this town.  Market, of course, the Film Festival (we saw The Painting, which was great; the play with perspective was inspiring, especially for the girls), and walk home to make dinner for a friend, and then hop to the contra dance. 

I begged off of the dance.  I was afraid I would be filled with remorse - indecision is my downfall, and passing up time with my whole family is a difficult call for me, but you know what? It was absolutely the right thing to do.  They had a great time, I had some downtime, puttering.  Gotta take it when I can get it these days; Sunday Dan left again for the airport. 

 Yesterday was our Day at Home During Which I Try to Organize Our Lives Around Learning.  How does that work at your house?  Well, here it sometimes goes swimmingly, and sometimes it seems to flop at every turn.  I will let you guess which way yesterday fell.  I sometimes make the mistake of taking it personally when something I wanted to share/learn/do gets voted out.  I mean, really, don't they know I lie awake at night dreaming up these schemes to slip in a little formal learning?! Well, as life would have it, these children have their own agendas, and while it sometimes includes letting me take the wheel, it often does not.  No hike, no reading about the middle east, no maps, no math games.  Yes piano, yes Magic Tree House games online (new! a little boring, I thought, but not for Ani who loves Jack and Annie), yes to Manny Files on audio, yes to Animal Jam, yes to designing and partially sewing a jacket (wha---?!), yes to helping organize and purge the summer/winter clothing, yes to re-reading the Ramona books because they are the best books she ever read, yes to biking to the end of the street to check and see if the jewelweed is coming in (it is!), yes to Magic School Bus and yes to playing magic games with a sister. So. Lovely day, even if it weren't my agenda. But to all y'all who think I'm a homeschooling magician (you misguided few know who you are...), there it is.  Reality.

whose children ARE these???


merry said...

Oh boy!Do I ever see a bit of me in that!But I seldom gave in and therefore there were unhappy people!Kudos to putting aside your agenda til later and going with whatever flow happened.Love the final pic!Yup!Those girls are ours!Gotta love 'em - to pieces!!!

Tokarz said...

I know you're magic.

Dan said...

mine. those kids are mine. (insert happy face emoticon here)

merry said...

Yes Dan, technically they're yours, but I do (and will) claim them too! Glad you're back home - again! Love you!