Saturday, April 13, 2013

spring...and, go!

The days are slipping by - I can feel the pace picking up as if measured by the number of sunbeams and spring breeze, increasing by the minute as the race begins towards summer. We wait so long for spring and flashes by.  So we are soaking it up with teepees, peeper walks, and time in the woods.

We missed the bloodroot last year. Missed it completely! The weather was so warm so early, that by the time we remembered to look there were only the leaves with an inconspicuous stalk standing nearby, flowerless.  How exciting to catch them here in their complete beauty!

almost trillium...

trout lily

Speaking of time racing by, I want to freeze frame every second of Seven. I mean, look at these two! They are perfectly seven, gloriously seven. It is the perfect age of childhood, measured in gaping holes, curiousity and courage, giving me a glimpse into the pluck they may have at seventy.  The love is big, the thoughts are big, there is still romping play and puppy wrestling and longer minutes of focus and attention - the combination is electric!

ari and ani with their holey mouths
I leave you with this confession that I was eavesdropping on Ani the other day as she vacuumed the living room:

Wave! Just sweep and wave, sweep and wave - clean as a sunbeam!
Those crumbs deserve the garbage.
She has the makings of a GREAT cleaner, folks!
(turns off vacuum)
I won!!


Helena said...

Lovely flowers! Seriously—wow.

I love Ani's vacuum monologue. Love the BIG. Makes me want to be 7 again. Some days, I channel that gorgeous gloriousness of Back Then, and it always makes for a great, great day :)

Megan L said...

lol! Vacuum goddess that one!

Stacy @ Sweet Sky said...

At seven, you are the hero of your own life!

I love it.

merry said...

Gorgeous spring flowers! We woke up to more snow this morning! It's gone now, but it's still cold. Will we ever have flowers?!!