Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day Two: Silver Baby Cup Finals

So, now that I've kind of explained it (though I might have forgotten to mention how far people travel for this event:  Maine, Tennessee, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Texas.  It's serious, people.), I'll inundate this space with photos...the competitors, the spectators, the impossible shots and the impossibly cute baby, the dogs, the sweat, the sweat, the sweat, the party and the love...
Root beer. The breakfast of Champions for the reigning SBC Champ.
breakfast.  missing from photo: 
7 french presses of coffee, filled several times over.

wake up already, Haskins!
The Original Mr. Golf (OMG).  He is serious about Silver Baby.
The finalists - including the first woman finalist! - and their caddies
The judges

A golfer and his loyal caddy

The third tee-off spot, u-u-u-u-p the stairs
I have to mention here that none of the structure of this course was here - there were no stairs, no benches, no clearings except under the power lines, no rope railing, no outhouse until days before the tournament.  The amount of work that went into making this a usable and safe place to be for 3 days of muddy fun was astounding.  Of course it looked as though a landscaping team on speed had come through by the time the golfers were done with their, ah, pruning. 

A pool shot from under a log

tree hugging allowed
Super protector of babies on the course
Future SBC champion

This year's Silver Baby Cup Champion!!!

Master of ceremonies
Passing on The Cup

Dan was awarded the Alan B. Shepard award for the most impossible shot (though as you can see, there were many impossible shots on this course).  Who is Alan B. Shepard you ask?  He was the first American in space, and the fifth person to land on the moon, and when he was finished with his task of collecting moon rocks, he fitted his folding rock-grabber with a club head and whacked a golf ball across the moon.

Ah, Silver Baby. A last summer fling - blackberries in bourbon, katydids calling from the screens of the tent, a morning thunderstorm and some deep sweaty heat.  Camp for grownups. With feral kids and dirty dogs. 


merry said...

So, is next year's tournament in Texas?!!! Remember to wear your pearls!

Tokarz said...

Oh Yeah!!! Loved all the pictures! Had tons of fun with so many friends!
So excited to be hosting next year, but Oh Merry, it will not be in Texas. We're thinking Wild Wonderful West Virginia!

Tokarz said...

I love the "Wake up Haskins!" photo!!!