Monday, September 2, 2013

Sixth Annual Silver Baby Cup Championship at the Goondocks Putt & Play

I've written about golf before.   I know - people don't really understand when we say we spent the whole long weekend at a golf tournament, but it's the truth! The sixth annual Silver Baby Cup Golf tournament took place on the edge of town this year, on a new course built in a rambling ravine, across a creek, under power lines...and in the rain.

This is the third year Dan has played the Silver Baby; two years ago, here in Ohio, he made it to the finals, breaking a course record in the process.  Last year's winner took it to Maine, where Dan played in the finals again, just missing first place and the honor of hosting the 20 or so players (and their families and dogs) for this year's event.  Whew.  Without giving you the play-by-play, I'll spoil the ending by telling you we are not hosting this event next year!!

Day one, first team tee-off at 8 a.m.!!
 This is serious golf.  Serious as in the event begins with a reading of 20-some rules by the Venerable Judge.  Serious like each of the five teams played golf for seven hours on a rainy, muddy course, fighting berry brambles and poison ivy looking for their balls.  Serious as in you must have a sponsor if you are a new golfer, for in the event that you win, you must host the following year's cup. Serious.

first shot of the day - Dan wearing what Ani calls his "sweet pants".
Dan says he has terrible form here. What do I know?
This  year's course started with a putt-putt hole to determine the number of "mulligans" or passes each golfer would get during the game.  Important when your ball might roll into a log or get stuck in a tree or disappear into snake-infested dense brush.

The Mulligan Master
the get-ups definitely improve the game
Even as I'm watching, I'm wondering how to explain this experience to people who aren't there.  No one is able to put "golf" and "Dan" together in a way that fits in their brain. Maybe I can help...imagine shots that sail past tree trunks only to get stuck in a bush behind the outhouse.  Imagine hitting a ball off the top of a hill and watching it ricochet through the woods to land hopefully somewhere near the hole.  Imagine your golf bag holding not only your clubs but a machete, a saw and some garden clippers. You're getting close.

muddy slopes
looking for a ball
moving a log to make a shot
yes, this is where you tee off for the third hole. halfway up the hill.
This year's rules included a request that no pawpaw trees be damaged in the process of recovering a lost ball.

The mud was particularly challenging on the first day. 
There were a few casualties and dirty bums.

Ani working the ball washer

Dan won an award for the shot he made in the photo above.  He had to chip his ball out of a muddy, stick-filled ditch, and when he did it went straight into the hole, his last shot of the first day.

It is inevitable that there be a number of bum shots here, right?! As a loyal spectator that's much of what I was lookin' at all day...

Ok, so now you've seen the golf - did you notice the beautiful people as well?  Afterall, that is what the event is about.  People using golf as an excuse to get together once a year.

  Does it make you like golf a little more than you did?


merry said...

Well,it looks like it's more interesting than the golf tournament Papa was watching today, but I've gotta say it doesn't make me want to learn the game!!

Helena said...

I already had a soft spot for golf, but this made me want to move across the Pacific just to be part of all the awesomeness that was this tournament! The golf part looked spectacular…but as you said, yes, the people (especially the girl with the kitten—my goodness) warmed every cockle of my heart. What a beautiful weekend you all had! Lovely lovely lovely. :)

amy turn sharp said...

LOVED this. and LOVED You guys xoxoxo