Tuesday, October 29, 2013

...and then the parade! (more Honey for the Heart!)

my family!

Feeling full of THANKS for this community of people who want to spend their October this way, for my husband who carried the heaviest puppet in the parade there and back again, for the artists who thought this would be a good balance to the crazy block party that comes later in the night and carved out this space for creativity and joy.


merry said...

Athens has never seen anything like it before!! Congrats on all the work that was done - and the awesome looks on peoples' faces as they saw the gorgeous puppets!! Truly a marvelous way to bring community together.

Tokarz said...

oh my goodness!!!!! That's my town and I am so proud! excited to be getting back there soon and definitely doing this next year!!
That owl is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!

verdemama said...

Hurray! So fabulous!

Patty Mitchell said...

Fabulous photographs! -- Video of the project: http://woub.org/2013/11/05/honey-heart-giant-puppets-come-alive-athens-halloween-parade